Nova Construction Update May 2024 | DealCorp

Nova Construction Update May 2024

DealCorp are thrilled to share the progress made throughout Autumn. The month of April saw concrete slabs poured on all contemporary townhouses with the exception of townhouse 27, 28 and 35 — 42. Remaining Contemporary Townhouse slabs are undergoing preparation works and will be poured by the 17th May.

Edgepoint homes have been busy erecting steel wall frames and have programmed that framing to contemporary townhouse will largely be complete by the end of the month.  In addition, structural brickwork is nearing completion on the Contemporary Townhouses. The builder is currently waiting for the mortar to cure before they backfill with structural columns with concrete.  Heritage Townhouse works continue to advance well with slabs continuing to be poured and fire rated dividing walls continue to be installed.

As we move into the wetter months we are confident that Edgepoint has advanced enough that the project will continue at great pace. DealCorp look forward to proving you with progress updates and milestone dates as construction advances.

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